9/13/23: Vanessa Salogar, Certified Meditation Coach and owner of Introspect Studio, will be leading a series of six different guided meditation sessions in October. See the link below for more info and to register. Looking forward to seeing you!



7/27/23: Introspect Studio is MOVING! Keep checking back for further details!

6/26/23: Here is the link to my NEW blog! Look for new posts every Monday!


6/20/23: Exciting changes to my blog page coming soon! Check back!

5/25/23: Happy Memorial Day, all! Celebrate those in your life that have served, remember those that we lost, and be of service yourself today.

5/12/23: Introspect Studio has now joined X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and LinkedIn! See the "Contact" tab for links!

10/19/22: Community Education Sessions have been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

9/21/22: STCS Community Education will be hosting Introspect Studio as part of their Fall series of classes. Check the STCS website for registration details.

9/13/22: New sessions posted! See you soon!

9/1/22: The studio is open for business! I will post new sessions soon, check back!

7/25/22: The studio will be closed until further notice for renovations and some much needed time off! I apologize for any inconvenience.

7/25/22: Effective immediately, recordings will be removed from the website as the payment links are ineffective. This issue is being addressed and they will be available soon. 

7/6/22: Recordings will be available beginning July 11, 2022.

7/6/22: Body scan meditation sessions are now available, please see the schedule for dates and times.  

6/29/22: The studio will be closed 6/30 through 7/5. Regular hours will resume on 7/6. Happy and safe 4th, everyone!