Hello all! My name is Vanessa Salogar, and I am a certified meditation coach. This is a recent endeavor for me, a path I knew I was meant to take. I was in a place in my life where I NEEDED to deepen my spirituality and connection to the Higher Power. There were definite steps leading up to this eventual life path, but I didn’t see them for what they were until, well, now. Let it be known, that I reference God/Higher Power/Universe often.

I knew meditation existed, but didn’t know much about it. I did some research because I wanted to learn the practice for myself. In the process, I stumbled upon meditation training. Not training on how to meditate (which was, in fact, what I was searching for), but coaching training. This peeked my interest, because even if it wasn’t something I pursued, it would certainly deepen my understanding and personal practice. When I started coaching training, again, it wasn’t something that intended to pursue, but the deeper I sank into it, I became confident that this was something that I was capable of doing professionally. Something that I wanted to do. It was when I coached my first group session, that I was sure this was something I was excited to continue. There were many, many things that I learned during my training, but the most important takeaway was:

Everyone can benefit from meditating, and that can positively impact the world.

Positively impact the world. This can’t be done by one person alone, we know this. But one person can make a change that impacts the whole world. It borrows from the “smiles are contagious” idea. A single person, who has become more enlightened through meditation, and made some positive changes inwardly, can shine on the outside. That bright light becomes contagious and inspires others to do the same. What a beautiful and deep chain reaction.

Introspect Studio is the only place in the area that focuses strictly on meditation. For now. I am working on adding to my skill set and expanding. My hope is to become a spirituality studio in time.

Meditation can be practiced in many forms and techniques. Check out the list of sessions and determine what’s best for you, whether you have an active practice or not. If you don’t know which session will meet your needs, just ask!